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Year 4

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Y4 Teachers


Miss Calpin - Caring Clovers

Mr Ferrier - Forget-me-nots



Curriculum Overview - Year 4

Spring Term



In English this term we have been reading 'The Egyptian Cinderella' and writing to persuade the Pharaoh to marry Rhodopis. The children have produced some fantastic writing and have learnt some tricky new vocabulary. These are some of the new words we have learnt:

seldom = rare/ not often

gilded = covered in gold
dainty = small



In Maths we have been focusing on fractions, angles and measure. We have been finding fractions of shapes and how to measure angles, length and weight.




History/ D&T

We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt in History. We are looking forward to our trip to Derby Museum to see some real mummies!


In D&T we will be designing and creating our own pyramids.





We recently had an RE day when we learnt all about our new school values. We wrote some great poems and a new school prayer using our new school values.


This term we are learning all about what we would find in a church or a Gurdwara. We even went to visit the local Gurdwara and tried some food in the Langar kitchen.



In Science we are learning all about different forces. We have had lots of fun experimenting with magnets and learning about why they attract and repel.







Curriculum Overview Year 4




In English this term we are working on a story called "I'll take you to Mrs Cole." The children will be writing their own story with a familiar setting called, "I'll take you to Mrs Walker!" We will also be learning about poetry in Family Reading Week.   



This term we will be recapping our written methods in calculation. We will also be learning how to identify different fractions and how to add fractions together.



This term children will be taught about the Stone Age.


Thisterm the children will be looking at plants and what they need to stay alive.



In RE the children will be learning about how to making the right choices in life and how faith can help people to make good decisions.