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Key Vocabulary for Subject

Key Vocabulary for Subject 1 Vocabulary for History

Overview of learning in this curriculum area for

Year 3: In Year 3 the children are learning about:

     Autumn - The Stone age to the Iron Age

        Spring - The Egyptians

    Summer - The Romans

The children learn how to use a timeline within a specific time in history to set out the order things may have happened. They use their 'information finding' skills in writing to help them write about historical information. They learn that the Romans invaded Britain and appreciate that invaders were often away from their homes for very long periods and would have been 'homesick'. They through research identify similarities and differences between given periods in history. They use specific search engines on the Internet to help them find information more rapidly.


Year 4: In Year 4 the children are learning about:

      Autumn - The Greeks

         Spring - The Vikings

      Summer - The Tudors

The children learn about the Ancient Greeks and what they have done for us. They look at artefacts to help them build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past and study democracy and how it has influenced our lives. The children have also been learning about the Vikings and their influence on the UK. The children recognise how people's way of life in the past was dictated by the work they did. They look at how the food people ate was different because of the availability of different sources of food. They research what it was like for children in a given period from the past. While learning about the Tudors the children use their mathematical skills to round up time differences into centuries and decades. They recognise that the lives of wealthy people were very different from those of poor people and appreciate that weapons will have changed by developments and inventions that would have occurred within a given time period.


Year 5: In Year 5 the children are learning about:

      Autumn - Explorers

         Spring – Early Islamic Civilisation

     Summer – WW2

In Year 5 the children look at famous explorers through the ages. The children look at the influence of the Golden Age and create timelines which outline the development of specific features, such as medicine; weaponry and transport. They appreciate how plagues and other major events have created huge differences to the way medicine and health care were developed. In WW2 the children how things have changed and how things have stayed the same. The children looked at why WW2 started and the result of the war on the British home front. They look for explanations on how their locality has changed over time. They begin to appreciate that how we make decisions has been through Parliament for some time.


Year 6: In Year 6 the children are learning about:

      Autumn - Aztecs

         Spring – Victorians 

     Summer – Local history

In year 6 the children look at the Aztecs and identify key events in their history.  They describe the features of historical events and people from the Aztec period. They look at the Aztecs influence on Britain. They study the Victorians and how Britain has had a major influence on world history. They appreciate how Britain once had an Empire and how that has helped or hindered our relationship with a number of countries today. They describe a key event from Britain's past using a range of evidence from different sources.