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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mr Gallimore is the Executive Headteacher who works across St James' CofE Infant and Nursery School and St James' CofE Junior School.

Mr Walls is Head of School for the Juniors and Miss Pancisi is the Head of School for the Infants.

Mrs Haines is the Assistant Headteacher of the Junior School

Mrs Ali is the Early Years Leader of the Infant School


Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage

Teachers: Mrs Ali, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs, Chatha

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Begum,  Mrs Akhtar, , Mrs Khan


Year 1

Teachers: Mrs. Ahmed and Miss Pancisi

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ryan


Year 2

Teachers: Miss Afzal

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hall

Year 3

Teachers: Miss Shanker, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Asghar (Learning Zone)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bola, Mrs Watson, Miss Daniels and Mrs Anjum


Year 3/4

Teachers: Miss Wilkins


Year 4

Teachers: Miss Bordoli, Mrs Lloyla and Mrs Mushtaq

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sadiq, Miss Nugent and Mr Fearn


Year 5

Teachers: Miss Bains, Miss Calpin and Mr Ferrier

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Akhtar, Mrs Wilcoxson, Mrs Faulkner


Year 6
Teachers: Mrs Dudman, Mrs Boyer, Mr Armstrong, Mrs Qadri and Mrs Swan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Macintyre and Miss Kellett


PE and Sport

Mr Moon - Teacher

Mr Ali - Sports Apprentice


Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Haines (Juniors)

Miss Pancisi (Infants)


Learning Mentor

Mrs McCall (Juniors)



Miss Majid, and Miss Horsley - Administrators (Juniors)

Miss Mahmood - Administrator (Infants)

Mrs Slater - Joint School Business Manager


Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs Ford, Mrs Ajmal, Mrs Zaheer, Mrs Begum, Mrs Naeem


Site Manager

Miss Tapp