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Key Vocabulary for Subject

Key Vocabulary for Subject 1 Vocabulary for Music


What's going on in school?


Year 3:

Autumn 2: Year 3 will be preparing for their Christmas Performance and will be developing their singing skills, including singing to a backing track.

Spring 2: Year 3 will be learning how to read simple notation and use percussion instruments. By the end of the half term the children will have explored simple compositions and be able to create moods with an instrument. They will record these for St James Junior Radio Station.

Summer 2: As the children have developed their musical skills and understanding of how music is arranged they will now be appraising (listening and responding) to music. Some of the music will have a light theme linking to the Science topic and some will link to the History topic ‘The Romans’.


 Year 4:

Autumn 1: Year 4 will be preparing for their Harvest Performance and will be developing their breathing techniques and understanding of pitch. They will also learn how to perform to a backing track as a group.

Autumn 2/Spring 1,2/Summer 1: Year 4 will be learning how to play the Flute/Clarinet with Wider Opportunities - a highly skilled Music teacher.  They will be learning how to read simple notation. They will develop a stronger sense rhythm and know how to count beats.

Summer 2: After completing their woodwind unit, the children will be working towards a performance – the details are yet to be confirmed.


 Year 5:

Autumn 2: Linking with the Year 5's Topic on Space they will explore Classical and Romantic compositions including Holst's, Planets. They will develop their appraisal skills and show a personal response to the music. They will also look at how music is used in performances on stage e.g. Ballets.

Spring 2: Year 5 will be preparing for their Easter Performance at Ozzy Road. In order to prepare they will explore good singing practices and consider what makes a good group performance. They will also learn how to perform to a backing track, with some children providing solo performances.

Summer 2: Yet to be arranged. (It is hoped that year 5 will be able to utilise some ICT resources to assist them in composing unique pieces of music inspired by the music they have explored during the year. We are looking into some new ICT software for our new mini Ipads. Alternatively, a unit on recorders is also a possibility, ensuring a very exciting musical term for Y5.


Year 6:

Autumn: Year 6 will be learning about the Aztecs in Topic and exploring music from that time and Mexico. They will also explore world music and begin to compose short pieces of their own, influenced by the pieces explored.

Summer 1: Year 6 will be developing their appraisal skills through the exploration of twentieth century to present day music. They will give personal responses to the music and talk about how music has changed over time.

Summer 2: Year 6 will finish the year with their End of Year Production. They will improve their singing skills and work on harmonising as part of a large group performance. Their main songs will be recorded and aired on Saint James Radio Station.