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Key Vocabulary for Subject

Key Vocabulary for Subject 1 Vocabulary for PSHCE

Overview of learning in this curriculum area for

Year 3:

Relationships: respecting each other; making new friends, coping with differences; anti-bullying.

Citizenship: rights and responsibilities; what are their responsibilities in school and home?

Healthy and safe lifestyles: healthy eating; keeping active;  e-safety;  stranger danger


Year 4:

Relationships: dealing with emotions; anti-bullying.

Citizenship: working together; being part of a community.

Economic Well-being: earning and spending money.

Being safe: how to keep myself safe in and around school; e-safety


Year 5:

Relationships: Being safe in class and school;  anti-bullying; what am I good at?  HDRE 

Citizenship: what are my strengths and skills? 

Economic Well-being: Looking to the future; the importance of saving

Health and Safety: benefits of being healthy;  e-safety


Year 6:

Relationships: building new relationships; how relationships change; coping with different emotions

Citizenship: what is identity?

Economic Well-being: what are the different ways to gain money?   Making £5 grow

Health and Safety: drugs; bullying; e-safety


We have an anti-bullying week (e-safety, cyber-bullying, social media).

Aspirations Week

Fayres in which children plan and run events

Themed Events: International food festival, Culture Day, No name-calling awareness

We watch Newsround everyday so we have a better understanding of what’s happening in the world and around us.

PSHCE skills are learnt, built on and developed in everything we do.