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St James' Infants is proud to be a Church of England Schools and as such our programme of Religious Education is very important to us and underpins all that we do here at St. James'.


We follow the Derby City Agreed Syllabus as the basis for our RE Curriculum. Through this, the aim is that ‘pupils participate in an on-going search for wisdom, in the light of the questions raised by human experience and the answers offered by the religions and beliefs of the people of Derby City and the wider community, so as to promote their personal development’. The teaching of Christianity is also supplemented by the 'Understanding Christianity' programme which helps children deepen their knowledge of key aspects of beliefs and traditions which are important to Christians. While Christianity is the faith which is most predominantly learnt about, across KS1, children also have the opportunity to learn about at least 2 other world faiths.


Each year group explores a key question each term to allow them to learn about a range of religions, to express their ideas and to develop the skills that are needed to engage seriously with the ideas they are exploring.

The key questions explored in Foundation Stage are:

  • Which People are special and why?
  • What stories are special and why?
  • What places are special and why?
  • What times are special and why?
  • Where do we belong?
  • What is special about our world?


The key questions explored across Year 1 and Year 2 are:

  • Who is a Christian / a Muslim / a Jew and what do they believe?
  • What can we learn from creation stories?
  • Who is an inspiring person and why?
  • What do stories of Jesus tell Christians about how to live?
  • In what ways are places of worship important?
  • How and why do we celebrate special times?
  • How do we show we care for others?
  • What does it mean to belong?


We our proud of our diverse community and use the people and facilities in our local area to enhance children's learning in RE for example by visiting places of worship or getting people of faith to come and speak. This year, we had a 'Worship Week' where we went on a 'Worship Walk' to explore the places of worship in our community.