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Science at SJI

At St. James', Science is a core subject and is taught weekly. Whatever our weekly curriculum question, science objectives are linked to this learning. The curriculum is made up of learning scientific knowledge and also skills needed to work scientifically including the use of scientific vocabulary.


Each year, school takes part in the national Science Week. This year, during science week, we had a whole school science day investigating how to release the dinosaurs from their frozen eggs, which was linked to our dinosaur topic.


Science is assessed regularly, in-line with the other core subjects and provision is monitored to ensure that by the end of year 2, children have covered all the requirements of the KS1 curriculum.




Working Scientifically - Key Stage 1

During years 1 and 2, pupils should be taught to use the following practical scientific methods, processes and skills through the teaching of the programme of study content:

asking simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways

observing closely, using simple equipment

performing simple tests

identifying and classifying

using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions

gathering and recording data to help in answering questions.