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SJJ PE and School Sport

The main focus of P.E. at St James' Junior School is to give children the tools required to become physically competent which enables them to use basic Fundamental movements in a variety of movement situations. We aim to develop children's enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination. During PE lessons, children are taught how to move their bodies safely, carry equipment sensibly and work co-operatively with others. The children are taught how to keep their bodies healthy by discussing the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.


Our children in Key stage two will have the opportunity to develop and refine the basic techniques in attacking and defending activities whilst further improving their flexibility, strength, control and balance through the development of their movement toolbox. They will also attend regular swimming sessions in Year 4 allowing them to gain proficiency certificates as their confidence in swimming is developed.
As well as providing children with two hours of quality PE lessons a week, we aim to provide children with the opportunities to take part in physical activity on a daily basis by having active lunchtimes and children going to the local park for additional sporting activities. Mr Moon (PE Teacher), Mr Ali (sports coach) and our school UQTA's provide lunchtime and after school activities for children to participate in. Children also have the opportunity to join clubs, take part in regular intra-school competition and are chosen to represent the school for various sports teams, e.g. tag rugby, football, athletics, cricket, hockey plus many more.

PE, After school & Competition Overview 2019-20

Children's comments regarding the PE and School Sport within St James' Junior School:


  • ''It's fun and helps you keep fit and healthy''
  • ''Playing for the girl's school football team has improved my confidence''
  • ''We do lots of different sports and games which is really cool''

School Games Kitemark 2018-19

Achievements 2018-19


  • Y5/6 Girls' Football (3rd place)
  • Boccia plus (1st place)
  • Y5/6 Basketball (3rd place)
  • New age kurling (1st place)
  • Y5/6 Cricket (city finals 2nd place - county finals 2nd place)
  • Y5/6 Girl's Cricket (city finals 2nd place - county finals 3rd place)
  • School football team league (2nd place)
  • Street Cricket (3rd place)

Ofsted, 2019


  • Physical education (PE) continues to be a strength of the school